To present a complex multi-media product reveal for the 2015 VW Golf to a live audience. Working within the confines of a preexisting booth, along with factoring in the venue’s physical elements including ceiling height and overhead riggings, required close coordination with lighting and rigging companies to achieve everyone’s mutual goals. Communication was difficult as creative contributors were conferencing from locations as far off as Australia and Istanbul.


Siam teamed with preferred projection vendor, World Stage, employing engineering, planning and flexibility to successfully collaborate with off-site contributors to deliver the polished aesthetic of VW’s pre-recorded video mapping segment. Previous experience working within the venue allowed us to efficiently tackle the complicated logistics, while existing relationships with on-site vendors facilitated the fluid coordination necessary to bring the variable elements together.


The reveal delivered the desired result and created a buzz that emanated throughout the Javits Center. The press event won the highest rating from the International Foreign Press, helping the Golf secure the World Car of the Year honor at the 2013 New York International Auto Show.

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Project Scope


George P. Johnson


Javits Center - New York City


The international press

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Video projection on a 2015 VW Golf