To realize the creative vision of renowned artists Christo and Jean-Claude for The Gates art installation in Central Park, New York. Coming onboard only a week before the launch after the originally contracted production company was unable to deliver, it was necessary to quickly develop a plan for installing and dismantling 7,503 gates precisely placed along the paths of the park’s legendary landscape. Due to constraints, each 16-foot gate in varying widths from 5 feet to 19 feet needed to be freestanding, and safely and efficiently installed using forklifts during peak hours of one of the most heavily used urban recreation areas in the world.


Siam assembled a highly talented technical group broken into five teams of seven to provide key resources and facilitate the massive task of installing The Gates across 23 miles of pathways. The coordination and communication between the artists and NYC government employees and departments was essential in expediting the process and accurately achieving the desired effect.


More than 4 million visitors over 16 days were treated to the stunning visual spectacle of thousands of saffron colored fabric panels flowing through the natural beauty of Central Park like a meandering blazing river. The culmination of 20 years of preparation, the project was one of the most memorable of its kind in the City’s history, earning Christo and Jean-Claude critical acclaim while generating an estimated $254 million in economic activity.

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Project Scope


City of New York

Installation crew:

5 teams of 7


4 Million Visitors


Central Park, NYC, 23 miles of pathways


7503 Gates

16" high and varying widths 5"-6" to 18". Due to constraints all the Gates had to be freestanding.


$10 Million

Estimated resulting economic activity for city of New York:

$254 Million