To produce an elegant banquet to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the founding of the American Institute of CPAs. After assisting with identifying an inspiring venue and successfully negotiating for the use of the National Building Museum, it was necessary to work around hurdles including limited advanced access to the publically used space to accessing riggings as high as 130 feet in order to light the cavernous interior. With an opening quartet, full orchestra performance and numerous featured speakers, balancing acoustics within the museum’s masonry walls was crucial to ensure the fidelity of the diverse audio program.


Siam assembled a team with extensive experience working within the venue, and secured the handful of local crews willing to work at the extreme heights of the lofted riggings. A classic approach of lighting the building’s beautiful architecture created the desired ambiance, while procuring the appropriate audio equipment made it possible to achieve balance for the various music and spoken word addresses. With limited time for load in, negotiations paved the way to allow all of the elevated lighting to be in place and secure the night before the event, while doubling the crew enabled the team to set up the primary space while music rehearsals and program logistics were simultaneously attended to.


From the opening ceremony and reception through completion the evening accomplished a level of grandeur worthy of the organization’s illustrious 125-year history. The clients and 700 guests representing the core of the organization’s membership responded enthusiastically to the gala production.

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Project Scope

Produced & staged gala

including audio, video, lighting design, labor power, venue interface.


What they said

"One of the key elements we look for in a vendor is the passion and commitment to maintain consistency of high quality service long term. Dave has shown a continuous enthusiasm toward delivering that commitment with a fastidious approach to details and a veteran supporting staff that is equally committed to ongoing success."

- Will Avgerakis

Director Creative Services AICPA